The Extentia Blog: Live from Dreamforce ’19 — Extentia’s Salesforce Superheroes!

Day 0 — November 17, 2019

DF ’19, here we come!

Dreamforce ’19 is almost upon us and our one of a kind Salesforce super-team of Naazneen Boocha, Komal Khilnani, and Jim Kinlan are making their final preparations for what is certain to be four days of enthralling insights, experiences, and adventures centered on the innovative excellence of the Salesforce ecosystem. Their bags are packed and brimming with everything they’ll need for Dreamforce — laptops, notebooks, and emergency coffee sachets!

Over the last year, our pioneering practice has been doing its part to drive the success of our partners in four continents by harnessing the full measure of their collective skillsets, know-how, and expertise. What’s more, they’ve endeavored to create a self-sufficient, ever-growing culture of constant learning through our one of a kind internal training and competency initiative — StepUp. StepUp has been instrumental in allowing us to adopt and implement the most cutting edge of Salesforce technologies and releases.

How do you summarize a year’s worth of collective excellence in a mere four days, you might ask? Well, you’ll just have to meet us to find out. Our super-team has more than a few surprises up (not to mention on) their sleeves. We’ll see you soon, San Francisco!

Day 1 — November 18, 2019

Meet our super shirts!

The X-Men had spandex, the Avengers have vibranium, and Extentia’s Salesforce super-team has their special shirts.

Every superteam needs a uniform and ours is no different. The greatest creative minds in our Experience Studio have put together shirts that summarize a different aspect of our practice along with some extra special Extentia Girl Power Badges. These will allow them to better harness their already awe-inspiring Salesforce skills! The badges also grant each one of them a unique Salesforce superpower — we can’t talk about those here so you’ll just have to meet them and see for yourself!

When not creating superpowered shirts and badges our Experience Studio plays an integral role in allowing us to create experience-centric Salesforce solutions that holistically address both the aesthetic appeal as well as the functional, intuitive nature of our numerous multifaceted endeavors. If you happen to spot a flash of vibrant color at Dreamforce, you’ll know it’s none other than one of either Naazneen, Jim or Komal. Feel free to go say hello and they’d be happy to tell you more about their spectacular Salesforce super shirts and badges!

Too excited to sleep!

It’s the first day of Dreamforce ’19 and our Salesforce super-team is geared up, caffeinated and rearing to go.

This promises to be a week of scintillating innovation, celebration, and conversation pertaining to every conceivable facet of the Salesforce ecosystem. In the days preceding Dreamforce Komal, Naazneen, and Jim Kinlan have been as busy as bees — meeting with partners and friends across San Francisco; engaging in delightful and insightful discussions about the best path forward. Today, they begin their quest to show the rest of the Ohana precisely what makes our one of a kind, pioneering Salesforce practice tick and demonstrate the sheer skill, ingenuity, passion, and creativity that every single member possesses. Let us know if you’re at Dreamforce and want to meet up over a quick bite to eat or a coffee, we’d love to see you there!

Looking forward to — The LWC Demo Jam

We’re absolutely ecstatic to announce that one of our partners, Silver Fox Solutions have been chosen to present at the Salesforce Lightning Web Components Demo Jam at Dreamforce 2019.

The demo will take place from 11:00–11:40 A.M. on November 21 at Moscone West in the Customer 360 Platform Meadow Theater. We’ll be demonstrating a potentially revolutionary “Express Console” application for Salesforce that leverages the awesome might of Lightning Web Components to transform the experience of professionals utilizing the Salesforce ecosystem the world over. It’s an especially proud moment for all of us at Extentia’s Salesforce Practice and in so many ways vindicates the hard work, dedication, and innovative excellence that went into this stellar collaborative effort between ourselves and Larry Hill, the captivating mind behind Silver Fox Solutions and the Express Console. Larry will be presenting alongside our team and there is no doubt that they’re going to impress and astound, as always. Please be sure to stop by and say hello!

While we wait for Day 2 to start, read about Our Amazing PDO Race to Dreamforce 2019, how you can Choose the Best Salesforce Partner For Your Organization, or our take on Lighting Web Components.



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